Keynote Presentations

Keynote speeches and workshops require the L F T P elements.

L – Does the presentation make you laugh?

F – Does it make you feel? Does it touch your heart?

T – Does it make you think?

P – Is the point of the message profound?

The height of listening is frequently immediately following the laughter. People love to laugh. Laughter helps you connect with your audience. Speeches are not stand up comedy routines, but a dash of humor not only breaks up the message, but enhances the message. Humor comes from life itself. Humor is in the situation.

“Michael, I know you are a little nervous about your first speech, but just relax. Take a deep breath. You will do fine. It is only four to six minutes.” He did take a deep breath and spoke for four minutes and twenty one seconds. “Michael, other than alternating between flushed red and ghostly pale, you did just fine. You inhaled before the speech and exhaled after. Next time it is really desirable to breathe during the speech as well.”

Humor derives from a stressful situation and the need to release that tension. “If you are going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now,” Marie Osmond.

Do you need to use humor in your keynote speeches? Only if you want to be paid and invited to speak again.

Decisions are frequently made on feelings rather than logic. If you walked into a car showroom, would you be more likely to purchase if the salesman told you about the disc brakes, and the technical details of the engine or how sexy and classy you would look driving the car? Combustion engines do not stimulate my blood pressure.

Messages are remembered and repeated when they touch your heart and evoke emotions. What attracted you to your best friend or your lover? The appeal was an emotional stirring, not a cold logical fact. Messages in keynote speeches must touch your feelings.

What is the point of the keynote speech? Does it cause you to think? Parts of keynote speeches must stimulate thought. If all you want is humor, you will go to a comedy club. If you only want the tears to flow you can go to the animal shelter and feel sorry for the poor neglected and abused creatures rescued from living “on the street.” Memorable and impactful keynote speeches also inspire thought provoking ideas.

The fourth element is significant. Keynote speeches which people remember and repeat contain a profound message. When the message resonates within you and strikes a nerve, you tend to remember it. Stories demonstrate the point.

Through a series of unfortunate events and a couple of bad decisions, the money did not exist to send my older son Doug to college. “Doug, I am so sorry that I do not have enough money to pay your college expenses.” “Mom, you put yourself through college. You raised us alone. Why would you expect less of us?” Can’t begin to tell you the pride and love I felt for my son. What outstanding logic, understanding and feeling. Who says teenage boys are all hormones and no common sense. Way to go, Doug.

Keynote speeches which are remembered and repeated make you laugh, feel, think and deliver a profound message. L (laugh), F (feel), T (think), P (profound.).

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