How to Rectify QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

In this blog, you will know about all about this 1328 Quickbooks Error, like what are the causes and solutions of Quickbooks error 1328. If you are facing this Quickbooks error or you are a Quickbooks user then read this blog carefully, it will help you to increase your knowledge regarding Quickbooks and also help you to fix this error.

As we know Quickbooks is an amazing accounting software due to its features and techniques. In a regular interval of time, it updates its features and techniques to provide new skills for the users, and updating Quickbooks is also important for all Quickbooks users. There is a Quickbooks error which is known as Quickbooks error 1328, it normally occurred during the installing, updating, and uninstallation process in Quickbooks. It is necessary to fix this error, otherwise, we can’t update the Quickbooks software. Let’s know the causes and solutions to this error.

What are the causes of Quickbooks Update Error 1328?
This error has various kinds of causes, some of them are occurring due to our faults, and some of them occur due to technical. Here we have mentioned some common causes and mistakes, which may be the main reason for the Quickbooks 1328 error.

Improper installation of Quickbooks software.
Due to any corrupted software file.
Malware attack on the system may cause Quickbooks error 1328.
Improper shut down of the system.
Network error is another cause for this error while any software is in the downloading process or in installing process.
Due to incorrect downloads of software.
Installing of Quickbooks version in the different license number.
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Solutions to fix Quickbooks error 1328: Locate the config.msi file:
The first solution to this Quickbooks error 1328 is to locate the config.msi file, to locate it, first go to the ‘Start’ button and right-click on it.
Then select the ‘Explore’ option and dual click on the ‘C’ drive.
Click the Tools option and choose the folder.
The next step is to choose the ‘View’ option from the toolbar and to choose all the hidden files.
Click ‘Apply’ and choose the ‘OK’ option.
Now open all the important system files, and right-click on the config.msi
Select ‘Rename’ and rename the file by adding the .old extension at the end of the filename.
That’s all.
Repair the Windows Installation Process:
First of all, log in as an administrator to Windows.
Open the control panel and select the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
Now select the ‘Quickbooks’ option from the list and click the ‘Uninstall’ option.
Select the ‘Repair’ option, while the Quickbooks uninstaller appears.
After that run the Quickbooks repair, and apply the security patch after the complete repair process.
Reinstall Quickbooks using a clean install:
To reinstall the Quickbooks using a clean install, you have to follow 2 steps for this procedure, but there are some sub-steps to do it, let’s start to follow these steps

Go and uninstall the Quickbooks Desktop.
Press the ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ key (Windows+R) from the keyboard simultaneously to open the run command box.
Type the control panel in the open bar and click the ‘OK’ option.
Select the uninstall a program option, if the control panel is in the category. If the control panel is not in the category then choose the programs and features option.
Then open the list of the programs, and click ‘Quickbooks’.
Now select the ‘Uninstall/Change’ and follow the prompts to complete it.
After that rename the installation folder.
You can rename the installation folder in two different ways and they are by downloading the Quickbooks clean install tool, and the other is in manual procedure. Now we will know to rename the installation folder to Quickbooks clean install tool.
At first, you have to download the clean install tool and save it on the desktop.
Then open it, and accept all the license agreements.
After accepting all the license agreements select your Quickbooks desktop version, and click ‘Continue’.
A message will be received by you to install it in the default directory, click ‘OK’.
Now reinstall Quickbooks after clean installation.
To complete this method select an option to install Quickbooks.
Install the Quickbooks directly from the installation CD.
Install Quickbooks through a downloaded installed file.
Now ready for the simply Quickbooks installation.
Repair registered tool application:
It is so important to run the registry repair tool and to repair the damaged registry entries on Quickbooks.
Fix all the malware infection attacks by using a malware removal tool.
Then remove all the unwanted junk files from the system and uninstall all the outdated PC device drivers.
Click ‘Undo’ from the ‘Recent System Changes’ to restore.
Then uninstall the Quickbooks application and reinstall it again.
Now run the Windows system file checker, and install all the essential Windows Updates.
Run the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool:
Download the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool from the official site of Quickbooks on your system.
After the complete download, the tool will be prompt on your desktop, save it on your desktop.
Close all the open programs and run the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool.
At last, restart the system, and make sure that the components are updated properly.
Hope this article will help you to fix the Quickbooks error 1328. Always fix this error if you get any issue during the update of Quickbooks, and get the new update of Quickbooks with the features.

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