Do Varicose Veins Present a Problem If on My Leg?

Varicose veins are troubling for many patients whether they occur in the leg, which is their most common location, or elsewhere. Many feel embarrassed by the condition due to its unsightly appearance, while others begin to feel pain or heaviness. These veins are a sign of problems with the valves in the veins, which do not function properly and allow blood to pool. This is what creates the appearance of the bulging and discolored veins. Fortunately, there are several methods to treat the condition in a minimally-invasive manner without the need for invasive surgical methods.

Even if there are no painful symptoms present, patients who are experiencing this venous condition should speak with a specialist in their area to discuss it. Treating the condition before painful symptoms present themselves may actually help to avoid the symptoms and can make treatment easier and more effective. Many procedures involve destroying the problem vein using lasers or by physically removing it. It should be noted that these are the only ways to get rid of varicose veins in the legs or elsewhere. Conservative treatment methods may help with symptoms, but will not get rid of the problem.

While a lot of these problem veins do not cause pain, once that pain begins it’s important to seek treatment. Possible symptoms include itching, burning, throbbing, cramping, or swelling in the area in which the condition appears. Some may feel these symptoms to a greater degree following long periods of sitting or standing. Some experience skin ulcers around the ankle; this may point to a more serious problem which requires the attention of a doctor.

By getting rid of these problem veins, patients may improve circulation as other veins in the area assume blood flow previously carried out by the problem vein that was just removed or destroyed. When the vein is destroyed, it will form a scar tissue and is eventually absorbed and processed by the body’s natural processes.

To a lesser degree, spider veins may be problematic for patients and can appear anywhere on the body including the legs. They do not bulge from the skin and are not considered medically concerning, but they can be embarrassing, too. Procedures exist to treat this condition, too, although many may not seek treatment because it is not considered vital to the patient’s circulation and health. In fact, many insurance companies only cover treatment when there are painful or medically concerning symptoms present.

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