Crazy Busy? Get Instant Presentation Skills Training!

As an entrepreneur, student or sales professional, you know the constant demands on your time. If you’re strapped for time, and frazzled with a crazy busy schedule, there is hope. Use these 7 tips for instant presentation skills training.

These days, the heat is on. In every industry, in every business, the mantra is repeated over and over: Do more with less. Get more done with less staff. Get more sales with less support. Get more results with less training.

It’s not fair, really. But it is the way things are in most companies-both large and small.

If you’re feeling the budget crunch and the time crunch at the same time, no fear. Giving powerful presentations is still 100% possible. In fact, you may have budget shortfalls and tight timeframes working in your favor.

Use these 7 instant boosts to get results-without hurting your wallet.

Tip 1. Sketch Out Your Story
Instead of jumping right into script writing or PowerPoint planning, do something different. Sketch out your message at a whiteboard. This will help get your creative juices flowing. Plus, it’s a whole lot more fun than drowning over data at your computer.

Tip 2. Collaborate
Don’t fall into the trap of planning your presentation alone. Grab your colleagues and friends in for a quick collaboration session. Hey, everyone loves adding ideas and suggestions while refining your whiteboard story.

Tip 3. Tell A Story
Storytelling is hot. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a wizard at narrative or a natural born comedian to do a good job. Find a theme that works for your target audience, content and personal style. Wrap your message up with a bow by framing it with a story.

If storytelling seems like a foreign language to you, get help. Ask a presentation coach to advise you on the best stories or metaphors to communicate your message. Alternatively, take a self-study online course on business storytelling to brush up your skills.

Tip 4. Connect With Pictures
You’ve heard it before: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But are you using this wisdom in your presentation? Check your whiteboard sketch and collaboration. Are you highlighting key ideas with colorful pictures? Are you sketching out a simple icon so anyone will understand your message?

Plan your story with pictures. It’s the fastest way to trigger whole brain creativity-for yourself, your team, and ultimately, your clients.

Tip 5. Use Testimonials
As smart and persuasive as you are, nothing beats the words of a satisfied customer. Show your current clients and prospects what other people are saying about you, your products and services.

Gather quotes whenever you can from clients. Get their permission to share their impression, show their picture, and show their video testimonials. The more you make gathering and using client comments in your presentation, the easier your life will become.

Tip 6. Show Evidence
What causes the tipping point from ‘consideration’ to buying? Evidence. Hard, solid and tangible evidence is best. If you’re selling a product, bring in a sample. If you’re providing a service, show a process map to explain the value with a simple diagram.

The more relevant evidence you show, the easier it is for people to ‘get it.’ Plus, more than likely this is material you already have lying around in the office. To you, it’s familiar ground. To new clients and prospects, it’s the tipping point.

Tip 7. Communicate With Passion
Your excitement is contagious. Communicate to every client and prospect with energy and passion. Hey, it doesn’t cost a dime. But it is worth a million bucks.

What do you notice about these 7 tips for powerful presentations? They are easy, fast and fun. If you’re short on time, crazy busy and need to do more with less-you’ve got your roadmap to success.

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